Zespri Red to become Zespri RubyRed 新西兰佳沛公司的红心猕猴桃猕猴桃正式改名宝石红猕猴桃

Zespri Red to become Zespri RubyRed

Zespri has confirmed that its current red kiwifruit will be named Zespri RubyRed Kiwifruit for the first year of sales of commercial volumes in the upcoming 2022 season.




Commercialized in December 2019 and initially marketed as Zespri Red during the sales trials, Zespri RubyRed™ Kiwifruit will be available in commercial volumes for the first time in 2022 in New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and China, with volumes expected to increase from 70,000 trays in 2021 to around 250,000 trays in 2022.

rubyred 宝石红猕猴桃

▲rubyred 宝石红猕猴桃

Zespri RubyRed于2019年12月商业化,并在销售试用期间最初以Zespri Red的名义销售™ 猕猴桃将于2022年首次在新西兰、新加坡、日本和中国上市,预计销量将从2021的70000盘增加到2022年的250000盘左右。



Zespri Chief Growth Officer Jiunn Shih says the new name better reflects the fruit’s properties and had tested well in consumer research.

Zespri首席生长官Jiunn Shih说,新名称更好地反映了水果的特性,并在消费者研究中得到了很好的测试。

zespri RubyRed

▲zespri RubyRed

“Consumers have been attracted to the fruit’s unique color profile and berry-like taste and we’ve been delighted with their feedback,” says Mr Shih.


redkiwifruit vine

▲redkiwifruit vine

“The consumer response to our limited sales trials over the last three seasons have exceeded expectations and suggest Zespri RubyRed™ Kiwifruit is able to attract new and younger consumers into the kiwifruit category, complementing our offering of the world’s best kiwifruit.

rubyred 宝石红猕猴桃

▲rubyred 宝石红猕猴桃

“过去三季,消费者对我们有限销售试验的反应超出了预期,表明Zespri RubyRed™ 猕猴桃能够吸引新的和年轻的消费者进入猕猴桃类别,补充我们提供的世界上最好的猕猴桃。

zespri RubyRed

▲zespri RubyRed

“As we’ve moved towards establishing commercial volumes of our red kiwifruit, we’ve been exploring names that better embody the essence of the fruit, and which we hope resonate with our consumers.

zespri goldenkiwifruit

▲zespri goldenkiwifruit


Golden Kiwi seedlings

▲Golden Kiwi seedlings▲



Kiwifruit planting

▲Kiwifruit planting

Kiwi pollen

▲Kiwi pollen▲

zespri RubyRed

▲zespri RubyRed▲

zespri sungold g3 kiwi

▲zespri sungold g3 kiwi

Kiwi pollen

▲Kiwi pollen▲

Kiwifruit orchard

▲Kiwifruit orchard

“Throughout our consumer research, Zespri RubyRed™ Kiwifruit has remained at the top of consumer’s preference list – not only because it reflects the rare and precious nature of the fruit but the ruby element gives consumers an immediate sense of that alluring red color.”

“在我们的整个消费者研究中,Zespri受到了批评™ 猕猴桃一直是消费者最喜爱的水果——不仅因为它反映了水果的稀有和珍贵性质,而且红宝石元素让消费者立即感受到诱人的红色。”

rubyred 宝石红奇异果

▲rubyred 宝石红奇异果

Mr Shih says consumer research was undertaken in a number of markets, and also took into account the need for the new name to translate across different languages given the fruit’s broad appeal in Asian markets. The name is in the process of being trademarked in Zespri’s key markets.


sungold g3

▲sungold g3▲

“The shorter shelf-life of Zespri RubyRed™ Kiwifruit compared to Zespri SunGold and Zespri Green has meant that we’ve prioritized our Asian markets given the shorter marine transit times,” says Mr Shih.

“Zespri RubyRed的保质期越短™ 与Zespri SunGold和Zespri Green相比,猕猴桃意味着,鉴于海上运输时间更短,我们已优先考虑亚洲市场,”施先生表示。

golden kiwi tree

▲golden kiwi tree

“We know there’s strong demand for the fruit in our other markets, including in Europe, and we’re continuing growing trials in our Northern Hemisphere production locations to determine the commercial potential of a red cultivar in different environments.

“我们仍然致力于提供世界领先的新鲜、优质和安全的猕猴桃产品组合,我们期待着更多的消费者能够尝试Zespri RubyRed™ 未来几年的猕猴桃,”施先生说。

golden kiwi fruit tree

▲golden kiwi fruit tree

“We remain committed to providing the world’s leading portfolio of fresh, high quality and safe kiwifruit and we’re looking forward to even more consumers being able to try Zespri RubyRed™ Kiwifruit in the years ahead,” says Mr Shih.


golden kiwifruit vine

▲golden kiwifruit vine

Zespri RubyRed Kiwifruit will be available to consumers in New Zealand, Singapore, Japan and China from around March until late May next year.


golden kiwi growing zone

▲golden kiwi growing zone