新西兰DMS公司管理团队介绍 DMS Kiwifruit Orchard Management Team

Chief Executive Officer

Derek Masters

Derek commenced working for DMS in November 2008 in the position of Chief Operating Officer. Derek came to DMS having previously worked 20 plus years in both privately owned and International Corporations primarily in the manufacturing and FMCG sectors. His strengths lie in developing successful cohesive teams working together to create better production systems and processes, with a strong focus on quality products and service. This focus continues with delivering the best performance for DMS and for DMS supplying Growers. In late September 2017 Derek was appointed CEO.




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Financial Controller

Barry Nally

Barry joined DMS as Chief Financial Officer in December 2020. He has an Honours Degree in Agribusiness and Food Management and is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Ireland. He has considerable private practice and industry experience which has cultivated strong business development and analytical skills. Barry is responsible for the financial, company secretarial and commercial management of DMS; providing effective strategic, business and commercial decision making. Prior to joining DMS, Barry was the Financial Controller of ISO Limited which is an international port logistics company, part of the ASX listed Qube Holdings.

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巴里于2020年12月加入DMS担任首席财务官。他拥有农业综合企业和食品管理荣誉学位,是爱尔兰特许会计师协会会员。他拥有丰富的私人执业和行业经验,培养了强大的业务开发和分析技能。Barry负责DMS的财务、公司秘书和商业管理;提供有效的战略、业务和商业决策。在加入DMS之前,Barry是国际港口物流公司ISO Limited的财务总监,该公司是在澳大利亚证券交易所上市的Qube控股公司的一部分。



Orchard Operations Manager

Brett Kerrisk

Brett joined DMS in 2010 after having spent five years as a Rural Lending Manager with Rabobank in Pukekohe. His experience also includes the position of Technical Representative for Bay of Plenty Fertiliser Ltd, specialising in horticultural crops and he also has worked for Franklin Rural Management setting up and managing large scale farms including dairy equity partnerships. Brett spent some years as a Kiwifruit Grower in South Auckland and in the position of Orchard Operations Manager is further strengthening our Orchard Management Team whilst providing a full management service to the DMS corporate entities.







Post Harvest Operations Manager

Aaron Price

Aaron has grown up within the local agricultural and horticultural industries working his way through most areas of the orchard and pack house. Aaron has gained an extensive understanding of the industry from the growing, harvesting, packing, cool chain, right through to loadout and into the marketplace. Aaron was successfully appointed Site Manager of our Te Puna Packhouse in early 2017 and most recently in 2020 moved in to a Post Harvest Operations Manager role.





亚伦在当地的农业和园艺行业长大,在果园和农舍的大部分地区工作。Aaron对该行业有着广泛的了解,从种植、收获、包装、冷藏链,一直到装船和进入市场。2017年初,Aaron被成功任命为Te Puna Packhouse的现场经理,最近一次是在2020年,他被任命为收获后运营经理。

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HR Manager

DMS 2021-60-Rachael Trimble
Rachael Trimble

Rachael joined the DMS team in February 2019 as Human Resource Manager. With a varied background in operations and HR management, since moving from Australia in 2006 has worked predominantly within the primary industries including agriculture, apiculture and forestry. She is committed to building successful teams and her energy comes from wanting people to be better every day; from connecting the right person to the right job, coaching and developing employees and managers or simply looking for different ways of doing things.



Ph: +64 27 227 3425

GM Business Development Manager

Phil Chisnall

Phil has been involved in the horticultural industry for 30 years. Joining DMS in June 2002 in the capacity of Orchard Manager for the Tauranga side of the business for the first four and a half years, Phil was appointed Site Manager for DMS Te Puna packhouse in January 2006. Phil is strongly focused on providing clear leadership, building strength and confidence within his team and nurturing a healthy team culture. He is passionate, competitive and driven to achieve outstanding results for DMS Growers. Phil is now responsible for Business development of our Avocado Business Unit.

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菲尔从事园艺业已有30年。Phil于2002年6月加入DMS,在前四年半的时间里担任该公司陶朗加区的果园经理,并于2006年1月被任命为DMS Te Puna packhouse的现场经理。Phil专注于提供清晰的领导,在团队中建立力量和信心,并培养健康的团队文化。他充满激情,富有竞争力,为DMS种植者取得优异成绩而努力。菲尔现在负责我们鳄梨业务部门的业务发展。



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