Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit will change your mind! 佳沛阳光金果猕猴桃介绍

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Get Them Before They’re Gone: Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit在他们走之前把他们带走:佳沛阳光金果猕猴桃

Zespri SunGold kiwifruit have a smooth, nearly-hairless skin and a golden yellow color inside.

Zespri SunGold猕猴桃果皮光滑,几乎无毛,内部呈金黄色。



After 10 years of development, Zespri’s SunGold kiwifruit are here. Grown in New Zealand through a natural, non-GMO process of cross-breeding, these golden kiwifruit have made their debut at select stores in the United States.


Yellow kiwi orchard

▲Yellow kiwi orchard

Zespri kiwifruit are widely recognized as some of the most delicious, largely due to their emphasis on quality. Grown by a network of more than 2,400 growers, Zespri kiwifruit are checked for everything from the color of their seeds to their sugar content before being picked and shipped to retail locations; this helps to ensure that the kiwifruit arrive in stores at the height of their flavor. Michele Hoard, senior marketing manager for Zespri Kiwifruit North America, says, “Our growers really care about great kiwifruit, and they’re always developing ways to improve orchard practices and processes.”




Kiwi pollination

▲Kiwi pollination

I had an opportunity to taste Zespri’s new SunGold kiwifruit. Here are a few things you should know about the brand, the fruit, and the new variety:




Zespri Cares About The Environment
New Zealand is the perfect location for growing kiwifruit and, according to Glenn Arrowsmith, Global Marketing Manager at Zespri, the growers are determined to keep it that way. With regular tests to measure Zespri’s carbon footprint and water usage, recyclable packaging, and new bio-plastic stickers on the SunGold variety, Zespri aspires to make the process of growing and shipping quality kiwifruit as responsible and sustainable as possible.

New Zealand zespri Kiwifruit

▲New Zealand zespri Kiwifruit


新西兰是种植猕猴桃的理想地点,据Zespri全球营销经理格伦·阿罗史密斯(Glenn Arrowsmith)说,种植者决心保持这种状态。通过定期测试,以测量Zespri的碳足迹和水使用量,可回收包装,以及SunGold品种上的新生物塑料贴纸,Zespri立志于使种植和运输优质猕猴桃的过程尽可能负责任和可持续。



Kiwifruit are Nutritional Powerhouses
Two medium-sized kiwifruit have fewer than 100 calories and more potassium than a banana. The SunGold variety is high in vitamin C, with four times the recommended daily allowance in one serving. Kiwifruit are also low in fat, high in fiber, and a great source of antioxidants.

sungold kiwi orchard

▲sungold kiwi orchard



New Zealand zespri redKiwifruit packaging

▲New Zealand zespri redKiwifruit packaging

Kiwifruit are Easy To Use
Nutritionist Rebecca Scritchfield has lots of great ideas for using this delicious fruit; during the summer you can freeze them and then scoop the fruit out for a frozen, sorbet-like treat or add kiwifruit slices to kid’s nut butter sandwiches instead of jelly. Baking? Substitute pureéd kiwifruit anywhere a recipe calls for applesauce and toss the whole kiwi in the blender (skin and all) for extra fiber and nutrients when you’re making smoothies.

sungold kiwi growing zone

▲sungold kiwi growing zone



Yellow g3 kiwi

▲Yellow g3 kiwi

Sungold Kiwifruit Are Super Delicious
Juicer and more refreshing than green kiwifruit, this variety is a must-try for anyone who doesn’t like kiwi; SunGold will change your mind!



Kiwi pollen

▲Kiwi pollen▲

Zespri Kiwifruit are available in the United States and Canada for a limited time, from June through October.




yellow kiwi planting

▲yellow kiwi planting



Kiwi pollen

▲Kiwi pollen▲