First shipment of record Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit crop sets sail for Japan and Korea 2021年第一批创纪录佳沛阳光金果猕猴桃起航前往日本和韩国

First shipment of record Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit crop sets sail for Japan and Korea 2021年第一批创纪录佳沛阳光金果猕猴桃起航前往日本和韩国

The first shipment of what is expected to be a record season of New Zealand-grown Zespri Kiwifruit is now en route to Tokyo and Busan.


zespri yellow kiwi

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The fruit is aboard the MV Kakariki, the second of three new specialised reefer vessels built by Fresh Carriers to ship New Zealand-grown kiwifruit to Zespri’s Asian markets, with the ship expected to complete its maiden voyage in early April.

该水果在MV Kakariki号上,这是由新鲜运输公司建造的三艘新的专门冷藏船中的第二艘,将新西兰种植的猕猴桃运往Zespri的亚洲市场,预计该船将于4月初完成处女航。

zespri yellow kiwi

▲zespri yellow kiwi

Alastair Hulbert, Zespri’s Chief Global Supply Officer, says MV Kakariki is the first of 57 planned charter reefer vessels under Zespri’s shipping programme this season, up from the 49 charter vessels used last season.

Zespri全球首席供应官阿拉斯泰尔·赫尔伯特(Alastair Hulbert)表示,MV Kakariki是Zespri本季度航运计划下57艘计划包租冷藏船中的第一艘,而上一季度使用的包租船为49艘。

zespri yellow kiwi

▲zespri yellow kiwi


This season will see five sailings to North Europe, 12 to the Mediterranean and 40 to Zespri’s Asian markets. Zespri also expects to send around 18,000 containers of kiwifruit.


zespri yellow kiwi

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“We’re expecting to supply around 177 million trays of kiwifruit this season, or approximately 700,000 tonnes, which will be a record-breaking crop of New Zealand-grown Zespri Kiwifruit,” says Mr Hulbert.


zespri kiwi propaganda

▲zespri kiwi propaganda

“Our latest forecasts indicate we could potentially reach 100 million trays of Zespri SunGold Kiwifruit this season which would be a significant milestone for the industry and reflects the growing popularity of the variety since its commercialisation 10 years ago.



“我们的最新预测表明,本季我们可能会销售1亿盘Zespri SunGold猕猴桃,这将是该行业的一个重要里程碑,反映出该品种自10年前商业化以来日益受欢迎。

golden g3 kiwifruit

▲golden g3 kiwifruit

“We’re also excited to be providing consumers in China with their first opportunity to try Zespri Red Kiwifruit.”




The red variety will be available in New Zealand stores shortly, with the first shipments scheduled to arrive in Singapore, Japan and China in early April.


sungold g3 kiwifruit vine

▲sungold g3 kiwifruit vine

With this season’s harvest now underway across all growing regions in New Zealand, Mr Hulbert says the wider kiwifruit industry is again working hard to ensure it can safely pick, pack and ship another delicious crop of Zespri Kiwifruit.


rubyred 宝石红奇异果

▲rubyred 宝石红奇异果

“There has been a tremendous effort from everyone in the kiwifruit industry to respond to the ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19 and our focus continues to be on safely delivering another great-tasting crop,” says Mr Hulbert.




“We’ll again be embracing enhanced hygiene and safety protocols throughout the supply chain to make sure consumers in our markets around the world can still enjoy our fresh and healthy fruit.”




Mr Hulbert confirmed that while Zespri is closely monitoring the global shipping situation, it is well placed to mitigate any risks associated with port and container congestion.


“This season we’ve increased the number of charter vessels we’re using, providing an additional 47,500 pallets of reefer capacity.


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“The use of our reefer vessels, in combination with our refrigerated containers, is providing extra flexibility on when we ship our fruit.


Kiwi pollination

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“As we start the delivery of this season’s New Zealand-grown kiwifruit, we’ll continue to work closely with our long-term port and shipping partners to ensure our fruit is reaching consumers in premium condition,” says Mr Hulbert.


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