RubyRed is poised to capture premium markets 佳沛公司推出RubyRed红色奇异果长在快速占领高端市场

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RubyRed is poised to capture premium markets
In December 2019, the Zespri Board approved the commercialisation of a new red kiwifruit cultivar. Zespri RubyRed is a premium product, and research confirms it a nutritionally rich fruit with higher vitamin C and potassium levels than other fruits, and higher concentrations of both than Hayward and SunGold. Zespri Red also contains polyphenols which contribute to antioxidant capacity and, while higher on the Glycaemic Index (GI) than Hayward and SunGold, it is still low GI making it suitable for those concerned with blood sugar levels.

sungold vine

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2019年12月,Zespri董事会批准了一种新的红色猕猴桃品种的商业化。Zespri RubyRed是一种优质产品,研究证实,它是一种营养丰富的水果,比其他水果含有更高的维生素C和钾,并且比海沃德和桑戈德的含量都高。Zespri Red还含有多酚类物质,有助于提高抗氧化能力,尽管其血糖指数(GI)高于海沃德和桑戈尔德,但GI仍然较低,适合那些关注血糖水平的人。

golden kiwifruit vine

▲golden kiwifruit vine

The launch of Zespri RubyRed aligns well with current international trends for increased consumption of premium fruit, and market research indicates it could attract customers of other premium and exotic fruits, rather than being substituted for Zespri’s other kiwifruit varieties.

RubyRed kiwifruit

▲RubyRed kiwifruit

Zespri RubyRed的推出符合当前国际上高档水果消费量增加的趋势,市场研究表明,它可以吸引其他高档和异国水果的客户,而不是取代Zespri的其他猕猴桃品种

golden kiwi fruit tree

▲golden kiwi fruit tree

SCH already has experience with Zespri Red, planting small pre-commercial trials in 2017 and 2018 and actively monitoring the performance of the oldest Zespri RubyRed vines from Zespri pre-commercial trials. This accumulated knowledge will inform its future developments.



SCH已经拥有Zespri Red的经验,在2017年和2018年进行了小型商业试验,并积极监测Zespri商业试验前最古老的Zespri红宝石葡萄的性能。这些积累的知识将为其未来的发展提供信息。

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