Zespri owns plant rights to SunGold for another 18 years 佳沛拥有阳光金果18年的种植权

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Zespri to take civil case in China as illegal gold kiwifruit plantings expand随着非法黄金猕猴桃种植面积扩大,Zespri将在中国提起民事诉讼

New Zealand zespri Kiwifruit packaging

▲New Zealand zespri Kiwifruit packaging

Bringing it all back home - Zespri shares kiwifruit pointers with Chinese growers. This video was first published in 2018.把一切带回家-Zespri与中国种植者分享猕猴桃指针。该视频于2018年首次发布。



Zespri is preparing to take a civil case in China against growers who have illegally planted the sungold kiwifruit variety SunGold.Zespri正准备在中国对非法种植阳光金果猕猴桃品种SunGold的种植者提起民事诉讼。

zespri goldenkiwifruit

▲zespri goldenkiwifruit

The Tauranga-based marketing co-operative said there could be as many as 2-2500 hectares planted in the variety, which has enjoyed worldwide success since it was launched on the market in 2010.


zespri RubyRed

▲zespri RubyRed▲

The figure is a large increase on a previous estimate two years ago of about 100ha. In New Zealand there are 6500 hectares of SunGold, with a further 1100ha licensed overseas, which is sold at a premium to most other varieties.




Sales of SunGold represent about half of Zespri's total revenue of $2.94 billion a year.SunGold的销售额约占Zespri年总收入29.4亿美元的一半。

Kiwi pollen

▲Kiwi pollen▲

Zespri chief grower and alliances officer Dave Courtney said while sales of the fruit had not yet affected the co-op because its market share in China was still growing, it wanted to protect its intellectual property. China buys more than $500 million kiwifruit a year from Zespri and is its biggest market.

Zespri首席种植者和联盟官戴夫·考特尼(Dave Courtney)表示,虽然这种水果的销售尚未影响到该合作社,因为它在中国的市场份额仍在增长,但它希望保护自己的知识产权。中国每年从Zespri购买超过5亿美元的猕猴桃,是其最大的市场。



"We're aware that the variety has been grown by smaller household growers but what we're noticing is there are a couple of bigger, more commercial players picking it up which has made us step in.


zespri kiwifruit Import and export

▲zespri kiwifruit Import and export

Shanghai fruit shop owner Dai Gui Jun with Zespri kiwifruit which has just arrived from New Zealand.上海水果店老板戴桂军带着刚从新西兰运来的Zespri猕猴桃。

gold g3 kiwi

▲gold g3 kiwi

"Right now it's not impacting on us unless we could have sold that licence but we're not selling licences offshore anyway. The potential cost if left to grow is that it would displace New Zealand fruit from the shelf, but we're a long way off that," Courtney said.


zespri yellow kiwi

▲zespri yellow kiwi

Zespri owns plant rights to the new SunGold for at least another 18 years, so only growers contracted to the co-operative can plant it.


Rubyred kiwi orchard

▲Rubyred kiwi orchard

Last year Zespri launched a case in New Zealand against the person who allegedly sent SunGold plants to China.去年,佳沛在新西兰起诉了一名据称将阳光金果工厂运往中国的人。

zespri yellow kiwi

▲zespri yellow kiwi

Courtney said Zespri was monitoring orchards and supply channels to understand the scale of the issue, as well as to obtain evidence for legal proceedings. 考特尼说,泽斯普里正在监测果园和供应渠道,以了解问题的规模,并为法律诉讼获取证据。

zespri sungold g3 kiwi

▲zespri sungold g3 kiwi

Zespri chief grower and alliances officer Dave Courtney says the co-op wants to protect its intellectual property.


cases over trademark violations gave it confidence.商标侵权案件给了它信心。

Golden kiwifruit

▲Golden kiwifruit

"We've had success pursuing trademark infringement as a criminal matter, we've had fines issued against people who've used our brand, especially in Shanghai. We're working with a law firm in China and here in New Zealand."




Zespri sales are still expanding in China, evidenced by kiwifruit trays stockpiled in a Shanghai coolstore.


sungold g3 kiwifruit vine

▲sungold g3 kiwifruit vine

China is in the process of updating its plant variety rights laws to bring them into line with the most recent international standards.中国正在更新其植物品种权利法,使其符合最新的国际标准。

Yellow kiwi orchard

▲Yellow kiwi orchard

The illegal plantings are not the first affecting Zespri in China. In the early 2000s, the gold variety Hort16A was planted over about 1000ha, but did not appear significantly in stores.




Zespri meanwhile has reported its New Zealand season is drawing to a close with a final ship leaving this week.与此同时,Zespri报道说,它的新西兰赛季即将结束,最后一艘船将于本周离开。



zespri rubyred kiwifruit

▲zespri rubyred kiwifruit