新西兰DMS公司的董事会组成 Board of Directors

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Board of Directors


Peter DeLuca

Peter was appointed as Independent Chairman of DMS in September 1999. Peter is a senior partner in Hamilton commercial law firm Tompkins Wake and is an experienced company director across a range of sectors. In legal practice his areas of expertise include company law and corporate governance. Peter has been a member of the Institute of Directors since 1993 and currently holds a role on the board of the Waikato Branch of that organisation.

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Peter于1999年9月被任命为DMS的独立主席。Peter是汉密尔顿商业律师事务所Tompkins Wake的高级合伙人,是一位经验丰富的公司董事,涉及多个行业。在法律实践中,他的专业领域包括公司法和公司治理。彼得自1993年以来一直是董事会成员,目前担任该组织怀卡托分部董事会成员。

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Joint Managing Director

Craig Greenlees

Craig has been involved in the kiwifruit industry as an orchard owner and manager since 1983. Along with Paul Jones, Craig is a founder and owner of DMS, which was established in 1989. Craig became active in industry politics in the early 90s and was subsequently selected as one of its leaders to chair Zespri. Craig served on the Zespri board for 15 years, standing down in mid-2014. Craig’s primary focus within DMS is on financial, supply chain, industry matters, and other investments. Craig and his family have a significant investment and commitment to the kiwifruit industry.






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Joint Managing Director

Paul Jones

Paul, along with Craig Greenlees, is a founder and owner of DMS and has been involved in the Kiwifruit industry for over 20 years as a grower and manager. Paul has led the orchard management team of DMS with a focus on orchard productivity and grower profit. He is also actively involved in postharvest operations. Paul has been a member of the New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated (KGI) Forum since it was formed in 1995 and has served on numerous work groups and committees with the representative body. Paul was elected as a Zespri Director in 2014. Paul and his family have a significant personal investment in the kiwifruit industry.





Paul和Craig Greenlees是DMS的创始人和所有者,作为一名种植者和管理者,他在猕猴桃行业工作了20多年。Paul领导DMS的果园管理团队,专注于果园生产力和种植者利润。他还积极参与收获后的作业。自1995年成立以来,Paul一直是新西兰猕猴桃种植者协会(KGI)论坛的成员,并在代表机构的众多工作组和委员会中任职。Paul于2014年当选为Zespri董事。Paul和他的家人在猕猴桃行业拥有大量个人投资。

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Melvin Walker

Melvyn’s experience was with NZ Dairy Group from 1978 in their electrical new project team and spent the next few years modernizing and automating there old and new factory’s. In 1985 Melvyn started his own electrical business still working with NZ Dairy.

Melvyn purchased his first kiwifruit orchard in 1986 and has since grown and invested in all layers of the industry and has also spent some time as Chairman of a private school.

Melvyn is a committee member of the DMS Supply Entity Group.











Lain Jager

Lain grew up alongside the Waiwhakaiho river under the slopes of Mt Taranaki in New Plymouth. He completed a Masters Degree in Social Sciences at the University of Waikato in Hamilton in 1993 before working for the Sheraton Hotel Chain in Auckland and Rotorua and Fletcher Challenge Steel and Wire in Otahuhu in the early years of his career. Lain joined Zespri in 1999 as Human Resources Manager, was appointed GM Supply Chain in 2004 and Chief Executive Officer of Zespri in December 2008. Lain lives on a lifestyle block in Tauranga with his wife Debra and their youngest son Jed.



Lain completed his time as Zespri CEO in December of 2017 and is now involved with a number of investment projects mostly in the Agriculture and Tourism industries. Lain acts as a strategic advisor to a number of CEO’s and is a Director of Spring Sheep and DMS.

New Zealand zespri redKiwifruit packaging

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Lain于2017年12月完成了担任Zespri首席执行官的工作,目前参与了许多投资项目,主要是农业和旅游业。Lain担任多家首席执行官的战略顾问,也是Spring Sheep和DMS的董事。

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Alternate Director

James Greenlees

James graduated from Waikato University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) majoring in Accounting. He is a Chartered Accountant (CAANZ).

After finishing his studies, he moved to Auckland to work for Grant Thornton, in Advisory and Corporate Finance. His work there including being an advisor to the Statutory Managers of the Allan Hubbard entities. James has also worked in London for Royal Bank of Scotland, Financial Conduct Authority and Clear Channel. Returning to New Zealand in 2015, James worked for Zespri, and is now the General Manager of Grove Avocado Oil New Zealand.

James has grown up in the kiwifruit industry and has a substantial investment in the industry.

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完成学业后,他搬到奥克兰为格兰特·桑顿工作,从事咨询和公司金融。他的工作包括担任艾伦·哈伯德实体法定经理的顾问。詹姆斯还曾在伦敦为苏格兰皇家银行、金融行为管理局和Clear Channel工作。2015年回到新西兰,詹姆斯为Zespri工作,现在是Grove Avocado Oil新西兰公司的总经理。




Alternate Director

DMS 2021-30-Dom Jones
Dominic Jones

Dom joined the DMS board in 2020 having returned from London where he worked in the banking sector.

Since returning, Dom established Origin Capital Partners, a funds management firm which in 2021 raised an $85m Fund to invest exclusively in the kiwifruit sector. Through this Dom is actively involved in the kiwifruit industry on a daily basis. Dom is also a member of the New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Incorporated (NZKGI) Forum, and along with his wife has had personal investment in kiwifruit orchards throughout the BOP and Kerikeri since 2013.

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自回国以来,Dom成立了Origin Capital Partners,这是一家基金管理公司,于2021筹集了8500万美元的资金,专门投资于猕猴桃行业。通过这种方式,多姆每天都积极参与猕猴桃产业。多姆也是新西兰猕猴桃种植者协会(NZKGI)论坛的成员,自2013年以来,他和妻子一直在BOP和Kerikeri的猕猴桃果园进行个人投资。