news-kiwifruit-september-2022-2 这个季节上市的第一批阳光金果猕猴桃的质量很差

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In general, the quality of the first sungold kiwifruit delivered to the market this season has been woeful. Although it is yet to be signed off, the kiwifruit industry is heading into another quality review. In my time in the industry, there have been many reviews, and the first review I was involved in was in 2006. The average onshore fruit loss that year was 11.6% HW, 3.5% HWOB, and 10.6 % for GKCK. I clearly remember that year. We fought hard at packing time to keep the soft fruit out of the HW trays as we packed. The physical damage was a challenge for Hort 16a. There were times that we were packing the Hort 16a at only 900 trays an hour as we turned each piece of fruit looking for damage. We then audited those lines as we sent them off to Zespri’s newly formed ECPI team at the wharf. It was a hard year, our fruit loss that year was 2.3% HW and 1% Hort 16a.



总的来说,这个季节上市的第一批阳光金果猕猴桃的质量很差。虽然尚未签署,但猕猴桃产业正进入另一个质量审查阶段。在我从事该行业的时候,有很多评论,我参与的第一次评论是在2006年。那一年,平均陆地水果损失为11.6%HW、3.5%HWOB和10.6%GKCK。我清楚地记得那一年。在打包时,我们竭尽全力,不让软水果进入硬件托盘。物理损伤对霍特16a来说是一个挑战。有时,我们每小时只能用900个托盘包装霍特16a,因为我们翻着每片水果寻找损坏。然后,当我们将这些线路发送给Zespri新组建的码头ECPI团队时,我们对这些线路进行了审核。这是一个艰难的一年,我们那一年的水果损失是2.3%HW和1%Hort 16a。

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I support the need for a review this year, but I ask myself, why are we having to do this again, did we miss something last time? Having now accomplished a full head of grey hair and having had my fair share of beatings over the years, I would sum the issue up with one line. “Every problem needs a home”. What I mean by this, is that if you leave a problem unattended it does not go away, it runs up the road chasing you. Then at some stage, it bites you hard on the backside- we shouldn’t need a disaster to sort problems out.






With the upcoming review, every part of the supply chain is involved, including growers, contractors, postharvest, and Zespri. Rather than waiting until the issues become untenable, we need to acknowledge and sort out our problems as they arise, the net result of this will be a happier customer.




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